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Using Calls-to-Action to Acquire Commercial Mortgage Leads

Commercial Mortgage
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May 26, 2016

In order to close more commercial mortgages, brokers need to be able to draw in commercial mortgage leads. We’ve discussed ways to market your services in the past, but one of the most important pieces of a marketing or promotional piece is the call-to-action, or CTA. A call-to-action is designed to induce an immediate response to a marketing piece.

Here are the most common CTA’s that you can use to get a response from potential commercial mortgage borrowers.

Call today.

If you want to hear from potential borrowers directly, end a marketing piece with “Call today!” This CTA allows your borrowers to make immediate contact regarding commercial mortgage requests and is particularly effective with limited-time offers for your borrowers.

Learn more here.

A great way to draw in commercial mortgage leads is to provide potential borrowers with information that is useful. If you host a commercial mortgage blog on your website, this can be a great CTA to use when promoting each update on social media. Read more in our previous post on positioning yourself as a commercial mortgage expert.

Visit our website.

In this day and age, borrowers are very likely to research brokers before deciding to work with them. Including a link to your company’s website on all of your digital marketing pieces is a great way to give borrowers an opportunity to get to know your company and how you can help them to obtain financing for their commercial properties.

Submit your mortgage request.

Some of your borrowers are going to prefer to send you a financing request digitally. A great way to provide them this service while collecting valuable information about the borrower is to create a submission form for your website. Not only will you be able to evaluate your borrower’s request, but you’ll also have their contact information for any future marketing campaigns.

Marketing pieces that attract commercial mortgage leads are crucial to your success as a broker. However, without a call-to-action that allows your potential borrowers to contact you, these pieces lose some effectiveness. Whether you’re after more calls, website visits or commercial mortgage deal submissions, calls-to-action are an important piece of every marketing campaign.


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