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Using Webinars to Develop Commercial Mortgage Leads

Commercial Mortgage
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July 26, 2016

You’ve used social media and email marketing to draw in commercial mortgage leads. The question is, now what? How do you go about converting these leads into closed loans? One of the best ways to turn these leads into business is to provide potential borrowers and referral sources with information that allows them to better understand small-balance commercial mortgages and how your services will benefit them. To this end, webinars are an excellent way to connect with many leads.

Here’s how hosting webinars could benefit you as a broker:

Webinars allow you to educate potential borrowers and sources.

A lot of uncertainty regarding small-balance commercial mortgages has to do with a lack of knowledge about the product and the process of getting a loan. You can use your webinars to teach borrowers and referral sources about the logistics of getting a commercial mortgage, as well as the benefits of these products.

Webinars demonstrate your expertise.

Educating your borrowers and referral sources teaches them valuable information about small-balance commercial mortgages, but it also shows them your expertise as a broker and the value of your skills. Use webinars to demonstrate why working with you is a smart move for both borrowers and sources. Read more in our previous post about how to position yourself as a commercial mortgage expert.

Webinars increase your credibility.

By demonstrating your small-balance commercial mortgage expertise, you gain respect and trustworthiness in the eyes of borrowers and referral sources. People are much more likely to work with a source that they believe to be credible, especially when it comes to something as complex as mortgages.

Using webinars to educate borrowers and referral sources is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and credibility in the small-balance commercial mortgage industry. Webinars are a simple and cost-effective way to connect with leads on a deeper level and they allow you to show borrowers and sources the extent of your knowledge and skills.

Click here to get more information about how to host a webinar.


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