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What Marvel Can Teach You About Succeeding as a Commercial Mortgage Broker

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July 30, 2015

Until 2008, there was no guarantee that any Marvel film would be a success. While trilogies about Spider-Man and the X-Men performed fairly well, other titles like Daredevil and The Incredible Hulk didn’t really impress audiences or critics. Then Iron Man debuted, kicking off a string of successes any studio would be hard-pressed to replicate. So, what does any of this have to do with closing commercial mortgages? As we’ve pointed out before, commercial mortgage brokers can learn a lot from companies outside the mortgage industry. Here’s what Marvel can teach you:

Find the right people.

In order to create a successful film, you need the right balance of talent. A great director, intelligent producers and gifted writers are all pieces of the puzzle. But the biggest piece of the puzzle, and arguably the catalyst for Marvel’s future success, was the casting of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Iron Man. Downey Jr. embodied the character’s signature mix of swagger and vulnerability perfectly, and Marvel continued the trend of casting dynamic and interesting actors to star in its films. Much like Marvel, you need the right blend of talented brokers within your company and the right small-balance commercial mortgage lenders to successfully close commercial loans.

Sell your story.

In the Marvel cinematic universe, each of the major players has a three-film story arc that anyone familiar with trilogies will recognize. The first film is the origin story, or how our hero came to be a hero. The second act focuses on obstacles our hero must overcome. The third is our hero’s triumph. As a commercial mortgage broker, you can sell a similar story. Discuss why and how you became a broker and the difficulties you overcame to build a successful business. Use this story to illustrate your skills and how your services can benefit commercial property owners looking for financing.

Engage your audience.

Ask anyone familiar with comic book conventions which film panels and autograph signings boast the largest audiences and longest lines, and Marvel will always be mentioned. This is because the studio provides their fans with experiences they can get nowhere else. As a commercial mortgage broker, you need to engage with potential borrowers and let them know you can offer the best possible services and products.

While there are plenty of action movies that do well at the box office, Marvel is currently in a league of its own in terms of producing large-scale films audiences want to see. As a commercial mortgage broker, you want to set yourself apart from other brokers by finding the best people for your company, selling the story and benefits of your business and interacting with potential commercial borrowers. Close more commercial mortgages by taking these opportunities to grow and expand your business.


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