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Why Commercial Mortgage Brokers Shouldn’t Fear Competition

Commercial Mortgage
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September 24, 2015

As the commercial mortgage industry grows stronger, new lenders and brokers are entering the business. While this might make some brokers nervous, the truth is that competition can often be great for your business. Competition forces you to take a look at your company to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and allows you a unique opportunity to improve your commercial mortgage business. Here’s how you can take advantage of the competitive atmosphere:

Know your competition.

As a commercial mortgage broker, it’s important to know who else in the business offers products similar to yours. Check out these companies’ websites and social media platforms and get a sense of how your business compares.

Evaluate your products and services.

Once you’ve done your research on your competition, you can begin to assess your own business and any changes you might need to make. Are you offering enough commercial mortgage products? Do your services leave anything to be desired? These are questions you should constantly be asking in order to stay relevant and successful.

Improve your marketing.

An important factor in succeeding as a commercial mortgage broker is bringing in new business. In order to do this, you need a strong marketing message to attract both borrowers and referral sources. It’s important that you sell your strengths as a commercial mortgage broker and differentiate yourself from others in the business.

Keep up with changes in the industry.

In order to remain competitive, you need to keep a close eye on industry news. Be sure to read trade publications and news stories relating to the commercial mortgage industry so that you can be prepared for new developments.

Healthy competition in the commercial mortgage industry is great for both borrowers and brokers. This competition compels brokers to continuously evaluate their products and services, which strengthens their business and provides borrowers with better options. Constantly striving to improve as a commercial mortgage broker will not only lead to more closed loans; it will lead to a thriving and healthy lending environment.


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