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Writing an Effective Commercial Mortgage Newsletter

Commercial Mortgage
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January 22, 2015

Positioning yourself as a commercial mortgage expert is a key factor in your success, as we’ve written recently. One way you can do this is to promote your expertise through email marketing campaigns, specifically a company newsletter. A newsletter dedicated to the commercial mortgage industry is a great way to inform your borrowers as well as showcase your credibility as a broker. Here’s how you can write a newsletter that resonates with your clients and referral sources:

Ask your readers what they’d like to see

A great way to get started is to discuss what sort of content should be included with your borrowers and your referral sources. Speak with several borrowers and referral sources about the type of material they’d like to see as well as asking your followers on social networks like LinkedIn or Twitter.

Showcase your skills

Your company’s newsletter is a great place to let borrowers and sources know that you’re a commercial mortgage broker who can get the job done. Set aside sections to include recent closings and testimonials from current borrowers and trusted referral sources.

Provide useful information

Once you know what kind of content is appropriate for your newsletter, search it out. Include interesting news items from the commercial mortgage industry and facts about the lending process to provide insight to your borrowers and sources.

Answer common questions

Newsletters are a wonderful forum for answering the most common questions you receive from both potential borrowers and referral sources. Dedicate a section of your newsletter to receiving and answering questions that your readers have submitted.

Include an incentive

A great way to get people to open your email newsletter is to include something fun. You can include helpful tips for business owners, fun facts or a monthly contest (make sure there’s a prize each winner).

A monthly email newsletter is a great way to engage with commercial loan borrowers and referral sources. Answering common questions and providing information about the industry and the lending process will establish you as a credible resource. Be sure to discuss what kind of content you should provide with your potential readers and always include an incentive so that they’ll open your newsletter each month. A well-done newsletter will go a long way toward demonstrating your commercial loan industry expertise as well as bringing in new business.


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