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Case Study: Family Dental Practice, Kentucky

Equipment Finance
Posted on 
July 24, 2023


“Family dental care” means a lot more today than just taking care of the routine dental needs of Mom, Dad, and the kids. Today’s family dental practice, like our client’s, offers TVs, headphones, and other amenities to help patients relax. There’s an expectation of compassionate dental care and innovative technology. Of course, it’s not easy financially to keep up with the latest equipment updates.

The Dentist had been licensed for about 25years and founded this practice approximately 15 years ago. The practice is recognized for its dedication to patient comfort and being ahead of the curve on technology. Of course, like all businesses, the dental office required significant funding to purchase the new equipment.


The client’s goal was simple – the X-ray machine in the office was obsolete. They needed to purchase a new Panoramic (PAN) X-Ray machine to keep up with changing technology and to compete with other dental practices in the area. There was also a time factor involved. The old X-ray machine needed to be replaced quickly.

The Dentist was looking for an equipment loan option that would give her the funds she needed, at a competitive interest rate, with a low monthly payment. Along with the financial challenges of acquiring funding, the Dentist was looking for a lender she could trust – one with experience working with dental practices like hers.


$40,000 Equipment Loan • “Detour Program” –Low Monthly Payment, 90-Day Deferral

Apex Commercial Capital has a well-established partnership with a broker specializing in dental practice borrowers. Because the broker had been working with our senior management for over 15 years, they were able to assure the borrower that Apex Commercial Capital was the best choice for her practice.

Furthermore, the Apex “Detour Program” offered the Dentist everything she was looking for in an equipment loan: quick turnaround, competitive rates, and low monthly payments. In fact, for this particular client, Apex Commercial Capital was able to offer an adapted deferral plan – her payments did not begin for 90 days and  the first three payments were just $99 a month.


By taking advantage of the Apex Commercial Capital “Detour Program” and working with our experienced broker partner, the Dentist was able to quickly purchase the new PAN x-ray machine. In addition, the extremely low monthly payments make it easy for the practice to manage the new loan, and the new PAN machine is much faster to use, so the practice can schedule more patients, which means more volume and increased revenue.


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